How to book

Smart Sitters Company

Wonder. Learn. Grow. 


Serving the Eagle

and Summit Counties


(970) 823-CARE (2273)

To maximize efficiency please text the following information to

970.823.CARE (2273)

>The dates care is needed

>The time care is needed

>The number of children

>The name and address where care in needed

>Please type

"VIP" (for your stress free vacation)

"Sitter" (for traditional babysitting) or "Adventure" for an adventure day

We will call you back as soon as possible to confirm your babysitter. 

If you don't have access to text please call us at 970.823.CARE (2273) and please leave a message with the information above.


Are you coming to Vail, Colorado and need a babysitter but not sure the exact times? Reserve an on call sitter available for your entire vacation! 

You will have the same babysitter your entire trip, and you choose the times. 

Non-refundable Deposit=$1500/week plus hourly $25.00 + $2.00 per additional child. (Saving you $10.00 an hour over traditional rates)


$35.00 per hour +2.00 per additional child (for example 2 kids = $37.00 per hour

(For multiple children under age 3 rates may vary as we may need additional babysitters)


$200 for the entire day, includes bus transportation fees, and entrance fees to all attractions/activities. Due to allergy concerns it does not include lunch. 

We work on cash only and payment is due at the end of each day.