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Smart Sitters is working

to make the world a better place by offering books and school supplies to those in need. 

We are working to serve the needs of children in Nicaragua by giving school supplies, books, and medical care (Bilingual Spanish and English) to the children of Nicaragua through San Juan del Sur Biblioteca (the library of San Juan Del Sur, SJDS). 

The Project
          Three times a week, library staff and volunteers load bins of books onto a pickup truck and venture into the countryside surrounding San Juan del Sur. At each site, library patrons are able to browse and exchange books, and other educational and recreational activities are frequently provided for children.

           The mobile project  is bringing more than 5,000 books to 32 remote farming communities, and it had issued more than 3800 library cards to children, their teachers, parents and other residents.

          As a regularly-scheduled community service, the Mobile project serves as a vital link between the remote villages and San Juan del Sur.  It is actively taking steps to give rural residents equal access to the public services routinely offered to city dwellers. In addition to  library and information services, these include medical and dental clinics and optometric services. The library also coordinates with public health practitioners and school supervisors to provide transportation to and from the communities it serves.

         In the years since its inception, the Biblioteca Móvil has become a vital resource for many of its patrons . In many of the more rural areas the visits from the movil provide the only community centered services available.Now SJDS serves over 15 communities around Nicaragua, and with your help it will continue to grow.

For more information or to donate your time, money, or supplies please Click on the donate button or text "Donate" to 970 823-CARE (2273)

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